Samuel Williams, Founder

I was born in Hackney and then moved to Stratford, where there were few people to look to for inspiration. As a young adult I grew interested in rum, and collected it as a hobby. I came to a crossroads in my career as an electrical engineer and decided it was time for me to explore a more creative path. Inspired by what I had seen Virgil Abloh doing in fashion, I decided I wanted to emulate that in the spirits industry, which inevitably fueled my desire to push boundaries and create a new standard in rum. Having launched right before the pandemic and having had our fair share of ups and downs, I have kept on this path because the mission is much bigger to me. Join us and enjoy the new wave of rum!

The Las Olas Experience

In a category dominated by lower quality, overly sweet products, we aim to raise the standard and allow our customers an elevated experience of spiced rum. Las Olas won Gold at the World Rum Awards 2022 with our smooth blend of un-aged pot still white rums from Barbados and Jamaica. We only use vegan, organic dried ingredients and no flavour extracts. Our limes and oranges are hand-zested for extra brightness and freshness which is evident in every sip. From golden cherries, fresh citrus, vanilla and cacao nibs you will experience a truly unique offering in Las Olas.

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